Friedt Herefords Production Sale

February 13, 2019

Cattle Producers,
In an effort to bring you the most up to date EPD’s, we blood typed a large number of the yearling bulls and sale heifers. We have received corrections on sires on four bulls and one heifer. These corrections have been made at the AHA. The corrected pedigrees are on 811, 841, 8101, and heifer 869. You can view the new pedigrees on our website by going to “Upcoming Sale” under the “For Sale” tab. At this point we have not determined the sire of 821.

We have been busy getting ready for the sale. The cattle will be at Stockmen’s West in Dickinson on Monday February 11.

We have been calving since January 15 and as many of you know the weather has been brutal. Thankfully we have adequate barn space to get us through the rough spots.

Our final weights were taken earlier than normal as we were hesitant to run the cattle through the alley ways and chutes to avoid any injury to the animals.

We have received inquiries about how we select the bulls we offer as two year olds and if they are hold overs from the previous year. This is not the case. We use March 15 as our cut-off date for yearling bulls to be in the sale. These bulls were born after this date and are what we are offering as two year olds.

We believe there is enough diversity among the sire groups to offer a good choice for your needs as a herd sire. If you have any questions regarding the cattle or the sale, don’t hesitate to call Gary. We hope to see you Wednesday February 13 at 1 pm at Stockmen’s West in Dickinson.

SALE ORDERVideo Catalog - Sale Catalog (PDF) - Supplement Sheet (PDF)

Pedigree Updates (Click Lot # to View): 8118418698101

Lot 801 Reg. # 43951917

Lot 801

FH 53A Scope 801 • 1-18-18 • Adjusted YW 1068 lbs
This herd bull prospect is another standout from our 118 donor cow. He is the complete package with his length of body, thickness, and style on a correct frame.

Lot 809 Reg. # 43957619

 Lot 809

FH 215Z L1 Domino 809 • 1-21-18 • Adjusted YW 1318 lbs.
A correct made prospect who has the look of a herd builder. His dam is a young, productive female who is feminine made with a good udder. This calf has real strong carcass EPD's.

Lot 812 Reg. # 43951924

Lot 812

FH L1 Domino 812 MD • 1-25-2018 • Adjusted YW 1096
This moderate framed 215Z son is a great prospect. He has outstanding individual performance and great EPD's.

Lot 838 Reg. # 43951958

Lot 838

FH 417 Advance 838 AF • 2-8-18 • Adjusted YW 1232
This solid marked and long sided calf comes from one of our strongest maternal lines. His dam has a BW ratio of 99.4, WW ratio of 106, and YW ratio of 104.4 on 8 calves. He is a strong candidate for a herd bull.

Lot 841 Reg. # 43951962

Lot 841

FH L1 Domino 841F AF • 2-10-18 • Adjusted YW 1166
He is wide topped, deep sided, and has ample thickness through his rear quarter. Pedigre Update - 841

Lot 844 Reg. # 43951966

Lot 844

FH L1 Domino 844F MD • 2-14-18 • Adjusted YW 1283
This moderate framed 215Z son is really thick. His young dam is developing into a power cow. This calf has great marbling data 3 generations behind him maternally.

Lot 848 Reg. # 43951976

Lot 848

FH L1 Domino 848F • 2-17-18 • Adjusted YW 1119
This moderate framed son of 2185 is out of a good 902 dam. 848 is heavily pigmented with extra capacity and thickness.

Lot 8480 Reg. # P43951969

Lot 8480

FH 10Y Hometown 8480 AF • 2-15-18 • Adjusted YW 1120
This polled calf by Hometown 10 Y is moderate framed and really thick. His 10 year old dam has a progeny record with a WW ratio of 103.3 and a YW ratio of 103.9 on 8 head.

Lot 861 Reg. # 43969137

Lot 861

FH 2185 Domino 861 • 2-21-18 • Adjusted YW 1190
This 2185 son has developed into a great herd bull prospect. He is short marked with two red eyes. His dam is an outstanding 242 daughter.

Lot 873 Reg. # 43969140


FH 417 Advance 873 • 2-26-18 • Adjusted YW 1263
A stylish 417 son who has extra length of body and ample thickness.

Lot 874 Reg. # 43969144


FH 242 Navarro 874 LC • 2-27-18 • Adjusted YW 1295
This solid marked, red eyed calf has been a favorite since birth. He has a heavy milking, level uddered dam.

Lot 8851 Reg. # 43969141

Lot 8851

FH 242 Navarro 8851 • 3-2-18 • Adjusted YW 1202
A good 242 son who is very clean made and structurally sound. His young dam boasts a good udder and did a great job raising this calf.

Lot 8117

Lot 8117

FH 242 Navarro 8117 HDD
A moderate framed 242 son who has a lot of thickness. His dam is one of our better young cows.
Pedigree Update - 811

Lot 7108 Reg. # 43858044


FH 156 Domino 7108 MD • 3-17-17
This thick made son of the Harrell 156 bull is long sided with a big top and quarter.

Lot 7129 Reg. # 43858064

Lot 7129

FH 242 Navarro 7129 AF • 3-25-17
This bull is wide topped and has a heavy muscled rear quarter. Dam is a good young cow with an excellent udder.

Lot 7152 Reg. # 43858688

Lot 7152

FH 242 Navarro 7152 MD • 4-9-17
Thick, heavy muscled son of 242.

Lot 805 Reg. # 43951918

Lot 805

FH L1 Dominette 805 AF • 1-19-18
This 2185 daughter will make an awesome brood cow. Her great grandam, 104, has left her mark in our herd.

Lot 833 Reg. # 43951949

Lot 833

FH Miss Scope 833F AF • 2-5-18
Here is one of the most feminine females in the sale. Her dam, a first calf heifer, did an outstanding job on this calf. She is smooth fronted and carries ample power and dimension through her middle.

Lot 835 Reg. # 43951951

Lot 835

FH Miss Scope 835F • 2-27-18
This Scope 53A daughter is stylish and well put together. She has ample rib and great shape and dimension. She could show is somebody wanted to. A good look combined with her excellent maternal pedigree will make this a valuable addition.

Lot 892 Reg. # 43969151

Lot 892

FH 6199 Ada 892 • 3-5-18
This heifer possesses some of the elite genetics available in the Hereford breed. Her dam is a Baker bred cow with good maternal strength.

Lot 8107 Reg. # 43969156


FH 53A Miss Scope 8107 • 3-12-18
A Scope 53A daguther that is feminine made and level topped with ample rib shape and internal dimension.